Monday, September 3, 2012

Will We?

It was a run-around day.  Here are the questions that remain:
  • Will Nick's cross country coach accept his Boy Scout Medical form until I can get Nick's doctor to sign that he's healthy enough to run?
  • Will our new dishwasher wash the dishes well enough that we don't have to wash them before we put them into the dishwasher to be washed?
  • Will Nick's shoes hurt him tomorrow when he tries to run cross country?  The length of his feet are men's size 6, but the width and the measurement around his big ankles puts him into men's size 9. 
  • Will the men who deliver our new dishwasher on Thursday be able to traverse the new toys that Nick got for his birthday that are scattered around the living room floor?
  • Will Nick's cross country coach encourage him even though he runs slower than I can walk?
  • Will Nick's doctor acknowledge that the published side-effects of his asthma medication is actually causing his stomach aches and fatigue, raising his blood pressure, and slowing his growth?
  • Will Nick have the energy after running to go get a hair cut or go to karate class?
  • Will Nick like this new sport or will the $75 athletic fee be washed down the drain?
  • Will I get a chance to schedule a hair cut for me?
  • Will I be able to get up at 5:15 to make Nick's lunch, harass Nick to get ready for school, fill out the athletic forms, pay the athletic fee and drop off the forms at school, drop off the form to the doctor, shop at Costco, walk Teddy who was cheated of a good run today, plan dinner, pick blueberries, make blueberry pie, and shop for running shoes with Nick after cross country practice before I drop dead of a coronary? 

I guess we'll have to see, won't we?

Thanks for listening, jb


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