Friday, September 28, 2012

Being a Helicopter Parent From Home

Nick is at his first dance.  Mike is sitting by a campfire on his second night of the Wood Badge training. 

I'm at home. 

I tried to take the dog for a walk, but I wore the wrong shoes, it got dark, and a friend called while I was walking.  It turned into one of those nights that Teddy just has to get what he gets. 

Okay, I have to tell you that I'm incredibly curious about how it will go for the boys.  I have no idea what Nick will do with this.  Sometimes, he just glows with his enthusiasm.  Once, when he was about five, we were at Crossroads Mall, listening to some kind of band.  I don't even remember what kind of music it was, but Nick liked it so much that he jumped around and did some break-dancing moves next to the stage.  But then, I've seen him get nervous and skip a chance to perform something he's really good at in front of people.  He flip-flops.  He wore his straw fedora and a tie tonight and it seemed as though he was on the enthusiastic side of the fence. 

I guess I'll find out when he gets home.  He'll be home in an hour. 

The thing I wanted for him was to walk into the dance with his crew, Adrian and Jack.  There's confidence in going to something new when you're with a friend or two.  I know he felt nervous, but excited.  He wanted to ask someone to dance.  I think I know who too, but I don't know if he'll gather the courage.

Funny, I'm not worried that Mike is having a good time.  He's in his element.  He may not be an outgoing guy, but he relaxes when he's around other Scouters.  Why is that?  He usually has an awful time at parties, but anything involving the Boy Scouts and he's at ease.  I told you about the time he sang out 'Deo' and it rang through the camp.  That night, I wondered if alien parasites had taken over my husband's body.  'Daylight comes and I wan go home.'  That moment made me so happy for him, to have that place where he can sing out loud. 

But Nick is in new territory.  I don't even care if the boy dances.  I just want him jammed into that commons area with his classmates, talking, watching, and laughing among his friends.  Dancing is optional.  Really.  Girls?  Who knows what will happen. 

My boy just might fall in love for the first time.  If he heard me say that, he'd tell me he fell in love with Sara in second grade.  They did love each other.  Well, okay, for the second time.

Thank you for listening, jb

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