Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Learning to Cooperate

Well, I'm telling you, it's hard to write with the TV on.  My days have been blocked out with trips to Costco, the grocery store, karate, the dog park.  I've almost caught up with emails.  I hate catching up with email.  For every useful email I get, I have to delete ten others.  I've been unsubscribing as fast as I can!

I just don't want to write crap today.  I'm going to write crap.  Watch out.  You might step in it. 

I was listening to the Democratic National Convention.  When it comes to political parties, one side says something bad about the other.  Then, I think, "Really?  That's bad."  Later, the other side says, "That's not what's happening.  This is what's really happening and it's us that makes it great."  I will never know the truth.  Shoot, even if I could be there, sitting under the desk in the Oval Office, day in and day out, I wouldn't really be able to get my mind around everything that is going on in the government.  Think about it.  There's a 256 page document for the budget alone.  Then, there are all the people, the military, the postal service, the IRS, the FBI, 2.65 million federal employees in all. 

Oh, there's shooting on the TV behind me now.  Mike has the remote and I'm on the other side of the room.  It's some war movie.  I want to sit in the same room with him or I'd leave so I can have some peace.  There are always compromises that must be made.

Mike has gotten bored with the political stuff.  The DNC is in the depth of commentary right now.  I want to find Michele Obama's speech and listen to it.  I heard that it was electrifying.  Just how electrifying can a speech be?  I'll find out.  I wish we could get some real energy into this election.  I wish it were about the experience, charisma, and honest intentions of the candidates.  It's not.  It's bipartisan.  Though I'll admit I lean to the left, I'm getting really sick of the division between the parties and how ineffective it renders our government. 

Okay, this is just crap.  I am not a political commentator.  I'm an ordinary woman with a family and struggles of my own, but I can tell you that I'm sick to death of the way the political parties refuse to work with each other.  Just get real folks.  You can't wish away your opponents here.  You can filibuster all you want, but all that means is that you're breaking down the process.  When you do that, you might just trash the work the other side has struggled to accomplish, but you also damage our country.  When you denigrate the other candidates, you lose my respect.  When you twist the truth, shoot, even outright lie, you should be fired.  There are times when I think, 'Somebody is lying here, but it's hard to know which side it is.' 

Tonight, I sat on the bench outside karate watching Nick with his sensei and another student.  It was a balmy night and the sky had lost its pink colors.  As darkness approached, everything went blue as if I was looking through a filter.  As I watched, I noticed the two students shared the time with their sensei, taking turns with her attention, each doing something different, different styles, different intensities.  You can really see the manliness in Nick coming out whereas his partner looked as though she was dancing.  They knew that if they both talked to their sensei at the same time, if they competed for her time, neither of them would get anything done.  They knew the rules and followed them, each accomplishing bits on their own, parts with their sensei, and at other times, moving as one.  Nick learned how to do this when he was a white belt as a six year old boy.  This is how our government should work, taking turns, cooperating. 

But it doesn't.

Thank you for listening, jb


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