Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Classic Campout

Can I brag?

The food for the thirty-seven people worked!  This afternoon, the kids ended up eating the taco meat straight out of the plastic container after everyone had as many tacos as they wanted.  Three people asked me for the recipe for the beef stroganoff.  It's straight out of the Betty Crocker binder.  Don't you just love that one?  I made some new friends, reconnected with some old ones.  I'm hoping most of these Webelos will move into our Scout troop. 

Over the weekend, the boys ran an orienteering course and made survival bracelets.  We had a campfire replete with bad skits and songs. There was football and flashlight tag to be played, and s'mores to be eaten. 

The boys were even assigned to cook the food!  Somehow I missed that one and had expected to be the one doing the stove work.  Two of the boys even brought everything to do some Dutch oven cooking.  With the two that Mike made, there were four desserts, peach cobbler, apple crisp, chocolate cherry cake, and a delicious pumpkin concoction.  This morning, a couple of the adults were marveling at how much fun the kids had making chocolate chip pancakes, though I had to scrub the dried batter off of three picnic tables.  Did they have a food fight or something? 

Boy, did I sleep last night despite the symphony of men snoring.  There were a couple that might have made it into the Metropolitan Opera.  Thankfully, Mike knew about at least one and set his tent up some distance away.  I set up my lawn chair and bivy near him so I could listen to him sleep.  Isn't it funny that I want to hear the sounds he might make but not the same kind of noises from the others?  I fell asleep just after 11:30 after the coyotes sang.  I briefly woke before dawn to an owl hooting, and the next thing I knew, it was morning. The fog was beautiful.

I've spent the afternoon moving the group gear. I had packed really light, just my day pack, my lawn chair, and my new sleeping bag.  Now, I'm glad because there were two coolers and five crates of group gear, not including the Dutch ovens.  I've cleaned out the coolers.

Now, I just wish I had someone to help me clean up all those pots!  

Thank you for listening, jb

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