Saturday, September 22, 2012

Webelos Camping

I'm lying in my bivy near Nick and Mike's tent. It's clear and I can feel the dew falling. My new down sleeping bag is lovely and soft. Though it's rated for zero degree weather, it's just perfect. It's supposed to get down to 48 degrees tonight.

So here's the report - the beef stroganoff was a hit and since it was still cold when we put it in the stove, I don't think it will make anyone sick. It would be a great fail if people got sick from this. One of the dads from the Cub Scout Pack, a good friend, would never let me forget it if that happened. The boys I was working with had never been near a stove and we had to tell them a lot of stuff that seems like common sense. Except they'd never done it before. It all worked out. No one was burned or cut.

I did end up being sent out this afternoon. I missed orienteering and got back just in time to help with dinner. I went home and to REI. At home I took a little time to pet Seth, who eat lonely, then I made myself a mocha. It was wonderful. REI was pretty fun too. I had to buy a new griddle since we never found ours. I also got a couple of those triangle mess kits for someone who forgot theirs. Its made by a company called Light My Fire. Boy I'd like to get one of those. It has a cutting board! I can't justify it though, since I have the same good kit I've been using for the last twenty years. We really needed a bigger cutting board for this trip anyway.

The boys really grooved on the Dutch oven cooking. Mike has been a good influence, with his pumpkin spice cake and the chocolate cherry cake. One boy made apple crisp and another made peach cobbler. Oh man, we ate well.

Afterward, the kids ran off the sugar with flashlight tag. The fog came in and an orange half moon rose and fell. They said it was orange from the fires. What a great night to be out running around in the dark.

But now, I can hear a couple of guys snoring. I'll be joininge in the chorus in a minute.

Thank you for listening, jb

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