Monday, September 24, 2012

A State of Being

I really don't have anything to say.

I lost my purse and I'm annoyed with myself.  I think I left it in a friend's car, but when she drove away and I discovered it was gone, it was too late in the evening to call her and find out.  I got an email back from another friend whose house we'd visited, so I know I didn't leave it there.  I remember seeing it in the seat next to me as I drove to meet the carpool. 

I hate when I'm this dumb.  It happens a lot.  More than you'd expect, more than I'd expect. 

So, you know that state of mind when you need to take care of something but you can't because the whole world around you is asleep?  I'm in that frame of mind and I hate it.

I get there when my house is a mess and I'm awake anyway and I can't vacuum because Mike and Nick are asleep. 

I get to that point when it's 7:55 and I want to call or text someone about setting up our schedules to do something.  I hate when people text me before 9:00 am, so why would I do it back to them?  Still, sometimes, I'm tempted.

I get into a state when I have a problem and I've done my part and another part depends on someone else. 

I hate getting into that state of mind, when even reading a good book won't distract me, when I should be doing other things like sleeping or running the dishwasher or deleting old emails but I don't want to because there's this one important thing that I don't get to take care of right now.

Tomorrow, if my friend doesn't have my purse, I have to call and cancel all of my credit cards.  I have to get a new drivers license and worry that someone has my old one.  I'd have to cancel a bunch of checks, though which ones, I'm not sure. 

Oh man, I'm hoping my friend has my purse.  I don't want to have to go through all that worry again. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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