Friday, July 6, 2012

Walking Boys at the Park

At noon today, after a bad night, I told Nick to turn off the TV.  It worked.  Then, we sat outside for a while in the sun while I ate my salad.  I feel almost guilty talking about our cool weather, around 75 degrees. One of my Midwestern Facebook friends showed how her car indicated that it was 111 degrees today.  We're supposed to go out and visit in a couple of weeks.  I pray that the temperatures drop because if they don't, I might. 

After we almost lost a few Lego toys in between the gaps of the deck, Nick convinced me to go inside to build ships.  At least we were building things.  They're arranged in an array on the floor still, except where the cat played with a couple of pieces.  Poor Seth is bored.  He misses his Buddy, especially when we leave to go for our walks.  He's usually standing at the window crying when we get home.

Before we actually did anything, it began to get late.  I began to get crabby.  I should take my walks earlier these days.  I finally convinced Nick that we could eat out and then take Teddy to the off leash area afterward.  It was great.  The dogs were running in the late evening sun.  Mt Si turned purple east of us as the sun set.  Nick found a dog who would run for the tennis ball he chucked.  Then, still needing my walk, Nick decided to sit it out on the picnic table while I made a circuit. His stomach hurt, he said.  I'm beginning to believe his stomach hurts every time it's time to get some exercise.  Oh man.  I walked and Teddy ran between us.  Mostly, he wanted to stay with me since I was moving, but Nick kept calling him back. 

Thankfully, a boy from Nick's class showed up with his dad and their dog.  Nick and I ended up walking two miles with them along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.  I don't' care that the boys were looking up guns on the other boy's iPhone. At least they were walking.  The cool thing was that another woman and her dog joined us and I kept walking on the other side of her so she was nearer the other boy's dad.  No sense in missing an opportunity for silent matchmaking.  I swear, I run into this guy every other week.  He seems lonely, didn't mind that Nick and I attached ourselves to them for a walk.  I was just trying to motivate my boy.  I don't know what this guy thought.  Oh, he's a nice guy.  He works with Mike.  He could stand to spend some time with a nice woman with a sweet dog.  Then, maybe I wouldn't run into him so often while I was out.  Just before we were done walking, we saw the elk herd in the field across from the dog area.  They were so beautiful!  Nick got their attention by howling at them.  Oh Nick.

I miss Mike.  Nick says he wants to go back for the last night at Boy Scout camp, but I'll have to see how he feels in the morning.  It would be a good thing for him, plus I'd get to see Mike, even if only for a little while.  Mike has had his hands full with another eleven year old who is homesick and not feeling very well.  I guess I'll be glad when we're all back together again no matter where we are.  I had fun with Nick today though.  My mom time seems to have been intended for him and not as time for me to be alone.  Ah, well, school will start back up soon enough and the house will be altogether to quiet.  It's feast or famine, having an eleven year old boy, feast or famine. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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