Sunday, July 8, 2012

Up In Flames

I can't believe I went to the grocery store and there were things that weren't on the list.  Now there are things I'll need from the store tomorrow.  Doesn't that suck?  Isn't that about as boring as you can get?
The motorcycles are zooming by.  It's a beautiful day and they're out like an infestation of maggots in the compost bin. 

I need to recycle, put out the yard waste bin with something in it, and get the cat litter into the garbage.  I just did a load of dishes and made salads for Nick and I.  I'm trying to feed him a salad before dinner these days. 

Well crap, this is all so boring.  Do we turn into these small-minded people when we get old, stretch less, experiment less, take fewer risks?  I think some risks would make me feel better.  I wanted to light up the burner thing I bought late last summer, but I want Mike with me the first time I do it.  I don't want to blow up in a fiery post-Fourth-of-July explosion.  Now, that would be an exit, but I'm not at all ready to go out in a blaze of glory just yet. 

This morning, I was talking about how fun it would be to sky dive.  The woman I was talking to looked at me as if I were crazy.

"I'd never jump out of a perfectly good plane," she said.  I would, except that I've been told by a respectable doctor that I shouldn't even jump off a step stool.  Well crap.  Doctors would have us get all of this exercise, but with absolutely no risk.  Elliptical machines are boring!

I gave up roller blading.  I have to tell you that I loved roller blading.  I'd take Nick out in his jogger stroller and I'd travel from Redmond to Woodinville on them. Most of the time, I was with a friend for those trips. Sometimes we'd walk barefoot over to the coffee shack in Woodinville, but I never got good enough at the whole shebang that I could cruise, push the jogger stroller and drink a mocha at the same time.  But, in all defensiveness to that doctor who told me it was time to quit, I only fell once.  If I lost my balance, I could use the jogger stroller to help balance me, no matter which way I was falling.  Nick just loved when I'd occasionally pop a wheelie trying to keep from going down.  I really missed that jogger stroller when Nick got to big for it and it started to list to the left.  I knew he was done with it when I had to ask him to hold his feet up so they didn't get tangled in the spokes of the front wheel.  In a week or two, he'd have been able to touch his feet to the asphalt, doing the Fred Flinstone thing through the bottom of his car. 

The other day, I saw a little girl on roller skates just beyond the big hill where Nick crashed his bike when he was just learning how to stop.  He had this habit of slamming on the brakes and leaping off, which may have looked very cool, but didn't work when it came to any speed.  I looked at this girl in amazement.  I  even said it out loud, how great it was that she could do a hill like that on her wheels.  She grinned at me.  I tried not to be jealous.  Okay, I was totally jealous. 

I'm going outside.  It's been a boring day.  I need to do something, anything exciting.  I think I'll light up the burner and hope I don't get more than I bargained for in the way of flames.  Wish me luck. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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