Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'So Brave, Young, and Handsome' by Leif Enger

Cramped conditions and close connections aside, I always have a good time on a plane. I think it's because there isn't anything to do but read.

I started a new book, 'So Brave, Young, and Handsome' by Leif Enger. I love this book, it's quirky characters, even the way the author puts a writer in trouble with his second book into the book. this is Enger's second book. Funny stuff.

I have to admit that I love books about writers. Don't you? As a kid, 'Little Women' was my favorite and I totally felt for poor Jo scribbling her words.

And Enger's writer, Becker, is really struggling. I love that each one of his failed books is a metaphor for the quagmire he is in. The cool thing is that a boat-builder whom he meets and gets to know as Glendon Hale takes him on a whirlwind journey. I imagine his writing will be totally spiced up after that.

Oh, you thought I got further in the book than sneak previews? Nope. I wouldn't tell you if I did. I'd hate to ruin it for you.

I also read a magazine called 'Scientific American Mind.' I love this stuff, like the fact that diet sodas cause you to crave more sweets, or riding horses helps kids with autism because of the rhythm, or the fact that good-natured jokes ease pain while snarky ones don't. I'll have to tell that one to Mike. He loves snarky jokes.

Then I breezed through a food magazine I'd had lying around for a long time. I've given up on food magazines, even ones for diabetics. They have too many pictures of dessert in them. Really, you diabetics out there, and the people like me who are almost there: looking for substitutes for chocolate cherry cheesecake will never give you peace. It will only torture you since none of the substitutes are as good. Skip all the substitutes and acknowledge that we are like alcoholics. We are addicted and abstaining is the only cure.

The twelve steps might not hurt either. I believe there isn't I person on the planet that couldn't be helped by the twelve steps. Did I say that right? You know what I mean-everyone could benefit.

I managed to leave that magazine mostly intact in the pocket in front of me as I left the plane. I did tear out a couple of chicken recipes. Chicken recipes are to diet magazines what the token 'girl' is to the men's club. The point of those magazines is the chocolate raspberry ice cream tort on the cover, well, and the ads that are the true message. Ads don't sell next to pictures of truly healthy food. Didn't you know that?

Oh sorry. I'm done with my rant. So as I read the beginning of Enger's book, I nibbled my salad as if it were finger food. I forgot to bring a fork. I tried to make my eating look delicate, but how could I? So then I stuck my head firmly in his book and romped away with it. I needed a romp after having read two or three serious books. Thanks for the romp, Mr. Enger.

Thank you for listening, jb

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