Friday, July 13, 2012

Making Your Own Luck

Do you believe in the power of a number?  I don't either.  Not really.  I believe in the power of suggestion though.  Today, it seemed that I barely registered that it was Friday the 13th, but it did register in there somewhere.  I'm sure of it. 

Today, our water cooler stopped working. 

I made myself late for my doctor's appointment, talking to the coordinator at the boys' camp.  My own doing, being late. I think I have pink eye.  My doctor proceeded to tell me he couldn't see any of the symptoms, the tearing, the glom, the redness, the inflammation and that it was probably an allergy.  Symptoms always go away on the day of your appointment.  I didn't ask him how I'd have an allergy in one eye and not the other.  I should have, but I didn't feel like being a smart-ass.

Then, I loitered at the vitamin store too long before I realized I barely had time to go to Costco.  Again, the rush was my own doing.  There was wild construction on the way there and I got stuck in it.  The people seemed to ooze down the aisles at Costco as if they had nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon than shop for 167 servings of Multigrain Cheerios.  I had no time for lunch.  I got back to my car with just enough time to spare before picking the boys up when I realized that the bagger didn't give me my paper towels.  I had paid for them too.  I had to trudge across the parking lot, argue with the cashier, negotiate with a manager, wait for an employee to shuffle off to get me a replacement, then hike back across the parking lot.  You could argue that I should have noticed the paper towels at the checkout since I only bought ten items.

I was nearly out of gas, but I hoped I could make it.  This was, by definition, mom's free time and I wasn't going to waste even five minutes of it getting gas.  Not so smart. 

Did I mention that I got my period again after just two weeks?  A mess. 

So I made it home and had five minutes in which to choose between lunch, clean underwear, unloading Costco food, or heading out to get gas.  I chose lunch and underwear, gambling that I could drive on fumes to get the boys and limp to the gas station from there.  See, it wasn't a totally horrid day because I guessed right about the gas, managed to get the boys to help me unload Costco stuff, plus I found the gel seat that Adrian needed for his bike before he left for his grandma's house. 

When I got the mail, I found my medicine had arrived.  Without it, my hair falls out and I get really tired.  It didn't seem like it was going to arrive before I was completely out of pills, so I'd made three phone calls to doctor's offices and pharmacies to get a week's supply to hold me over.  All that work and I needn't have bothered.  I wouldn't have had this problem at all if I'd renewed my prescription in time. 

So as I was digging around in the truck for the gel seat for Adrian's bike, I found six wadded up napkins, a gummy spoon, a squashed, spooged paper cup with something oozing out of it in the pocket behind the passenger seat.  There was also a canteen under the seat that contained rancid remnants of milk.  Okay, that was not my doing.  It was leftover from the trip home from Scout camp. 

While I'd been at the doctor's office and at Costco, I left Teddy at home since dogs in hot cars don't do all that well.  It must have been too long for him since I dropped in to grab something to eat then ran to get the boys and take them out to lunch.  After I left the second time, anxiety must have set in.  Teddy took an old brush out of the dog-toy bin and chewed it up.  Of course I didn't discover this until the boys were well into playing with Legos and that made it impossible to really vacuum except for the one spot where the metal shards, splinters of wood, and bristles were.  I should have shut him up in the crate since I knew it was going to be a while, or better yet, taken him to doggie daycare for play time. 

After I got that cleaned up, I called the people about the water cooler.  Of course they couldn't come fix it on Monday.  We're going out of town for a few days, for some reason, this guy couldn't even schedule the replacement until we get back?  Why not?  Why can't we schedule it now and then we won't have to wait two or three days when we get back?  After I got off the phone with the guy, I wondered why I hadn't been a smart-ass with him. 

So finally, after I dropped Nick off at karate, I took the dog to Marymoor.  My feet began to hurt because I'd worn the wrong shoes.  Hello, McFly. 

Then, on the way home from karate, I had to pick up the eye allergy drops and the interim medicine that I no longer needed because my regular prescription came in.  I left Nick in the car guarding the dog who would sit in every seat until they were all dirty.  I left him the keys and my phone just in case he ran into problems.  So I missed Mike's text saying I should bring home some whipped cream for the pie he was making. 

See what I mean?  I had an irritating day.  I never expected Friday the 13th to be worse that irritating.  I'm not that superstitious.  I am, however, aware that nearly every problem I encountered today was of my own making.  I think there is a saying that 'You make your own sunshine.'  It's true, but you have to watch yourself.  You can make your own rain as well. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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