Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Gift

I can't believe the gift I was just given.  A new friend, an amazingly talented artist painted a watercolor of my sweet cat who died a couple of weeks ago.

Here's the truth - I bawled.

There he was, sitting on my blue quilt, purring in anticipation of my attention.  His eyes even had that squinched look he had when he purred.  He always drooled a little bit when he was happy.  The next frame would have been me wrapping him in the quilt so I could pick him up.  I think it hurt him to be picked up the way you can with most cats.  So, I'd wrap him like a burrito, carry him to my chair, sit down with him, and unwrap him like a gift, to pet him the way he deserved.  He liked when I rubbed his head with both hands.

Arti, you are an angel. 

Tomorrow, I had planned to bring his tiny box of ashes to my grandma's grave.  It was going to be hard to let him go, but it seems important, as if it will heal something in my family.  This makes it easier.  Thank you, jb


  1. Hello Julie
    I am so happy that you find this painting endearing.I do hope its not too difficult for you to let Buddy go tomorrow.He will be always looking at you from his blue quilt!