Saturday, July 6, 2013


We're having a sleepover We had orange chicken and fortune cookies for dinner. 'The Three Stooges' is in the CD player. The boys have just finished bouncing a balloon around the room. They're breathless because they took turns spiking the balloon to the floor while everyone else tried to keep it up. That made for a lot of hand-slapping and pushing. It was fun being the downer when it was my turn. Why is it fun to be the bad guy in games now and then?

Now, the boys are setting up the game 'Dread Pirate.' I can hear them plotting an alliance that will surely run Mike and I out of business faster. I'm just hoping to get to Dread Island to get the pile of doubloons that will accumulate there.

I'd like to send the boys outside to set off the rest of the sparklers and smoke bombs, but by now, the mosquitoes will be patrolling the area. There's no way to battle them except to come inside, to spray the poison all over ourselves, or cover every inch of skin with clothing. That might be a good use for a burqa outside of religious reasons. I swear these mosquitoes would attack your eyeballs if that was all that was showing.

I remember when we went to Alaska and our dog Indiana asked to go to bed early every night. At first, we thought something was wrong with her until we realized the mosquitoes were targeting her nose. I feel sorry for animals that have nowhere to go to escape.

It's starting to cool down outside, but it's a little stuffy in here. I've got the windows and sliding glass door open. By bedtime, it'll be nice, but when will bedtime happen?

I have to get back to the action now. See ya!

Thanks for listening, jb

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