Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just to See His Face

I slept a lot today. I was allowed. I'm back from visiting with my family and we're all resting, all of us except Mike, who's still at Boy Scout camp. My sister told me that she read the whole paper today. Nick woke up congested, but felt better as the day wore on and managed to go to karate. I went with him to pick up the dog and exchange some clothes at the store. I also picked up movies from the library and bought some ground beef to make burgers for dinner. I made a couple of phone calls too and with that I crossed off most of the work on my list for the day.

Mike is tired. He told me so. He also said that the boys, after staying up most of the night doing wilderness survival, had hit the wall. What does that mean? Did they whine? Did they lie around all day, complaining that they don't have a TV or video games? If they don't have a dad at camp, Mike's the man. He's good at it, but I wonder if the kid who's homesick again is staying up late in the night feeling sad and achy. If he is, then Mike is up with him feeling achy too.

Mike's been quiet today. Other days, he's called and texted me. He even sent some photos. Camp Meriwether is stunning. But even amid beauty, a man can get tired with the responsibility for seven or eight boys and four or five men. For two days in a row, he called at the same time and sent me two or three photos and four or five texts. Today, it was two texts. That's it. No call. No photos. I did my duty by forwarding the photos to Facebook where moms can see that their boys are having fun. I wish Mike would send me a photo of his own face. Then, I could see a little of what's happening with him. I could see happiness and fatigue. I could sense frustration if it's there. It would make me feel better just to see his face.


On Saturday, I will see his face. He's bound to be tired and I'm hoping I'm rested enough by then to unload the truck for him. I hope he doesn't get home at midnight. I'll be waiting up if he does.

Thank you for listening, jb

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