Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Listening for Adventure

Tonight, the tropical storm is supposed to hit. It's been downgraded. The wind is only going to blow 25 to 30 miles per hour, much less than the gusts to 50 mikes per hour that they originally predicted. 

I'm sitting on the lanai, or terrace. I wish you could see the round blue pool below me and feel the drops of rain that constitute the worst of the storm so far. The rain is only on my feet since half of the lanai is covered. I wish you could hear the roar of the surf, louder than it was yesterday when we arrived. 

It's warm out, warm and damp. Given half a chance, I could fall asleep here, the surf sounds lulling me and drowning out the voices of other people doing what I'm doing, only louder. 

I had a glass of wine tonight. We bought it from the little grocery store in the hotel along with other snacks and subdries. The cashier said he was going to play in the mud tomorrow. He was excited about the storm, happy to be off from work on a warm rainy day. It's a good idea, I thought, to find some muddy hills and slide down them. There's that problem with decorum again, but I figure if a cashier at a fancy hotel could admit to wanting to slide down muddy hills, so could I. 

I can feel the effects of the tiny glass of wine. Oh, I could gave had more, but I didn't. 

It was enough, just enough for a downgraded adventure. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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