Thursday, May 15, 2014

What I'll Look Like in Europe

I just spent a couple hours sweating through a walk at Marymoor park. It's hot and humid out. I hate that. This is the Pacific Northwest, folks. It's supposed to be cold and drizzly. I like cold and drizzly. My car said it was 83 degrees. At home, the thermometer said it was 86. Either way, I sweated and kept looping back along the water access where a breeze over the slough and extra shade cooled me off a little. Just a little.

I stayed out at the park for a while as I tried out another set of clothes I plan to wear in Europe. I wore a lightweight Bermuda shirt, Capri jeans, quick-dry ankle socks, and tennis shoes. I'm happy to say that I feel like a total dork in these clothes but imagine they'll work for my trip. So what if I'm dressed like a retiree on vacation? All I need to add to my attire is a white visor and wrap-around sun glasses, and I've got the look down.

While I watched dogs playing, I tried to imagine if I could walk this way all day. I wasn't wearing my pack because my neck still hurts from swinging a friend's baby on a walk two days ago. With breaks for meals, I think I could have walked forever. Plus, the Internet told me that it should be cooler in Europe while I'm there. Boy, I hope so.

Now, I've been told I should pack light. Got it. I'll bring two sets of clothes not including extra layers. Then, I'll bring laundry soap and wash things out at night. The question I still have is whether stuff will dry in eight hours. I'll bring some line to string my stuff up in the hotel room, but will my underwear really dry overnight? If it doesn't, can I rig something up so it can hang from my backpack while walk? Maybe I should bring a net bag so it won't be so obvious. A net bag won't look too strange hanging from my backpack but a flag of pink old-lady underwear would. Don't picture that. Just don't. Okay?

It may be time to pack a bag and see what it's going to feel like hauling this crap all over kingdom come. Pack light, pack light, pack light. I just have to remember that I'm a middle-aged married woman. Except for being respectful in the cathedrals, I don't care what people think of my clothes and whether or not I wore the same thing the day before yesterday.

Thank you for listening, jb

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