Friday, May 23, 2014

Throwing Fish and Sticking Gum to the Wall

I get to go into Pike Place Market and get the fish guys to throw a fish, a Copper river salmon, to be exact. Every year, when the Copper River salmon come into season, Mike asks me to go into Seattle to get one. I love when I get to do that. If you've ever been to Pike Place Market, one of the activities that are always going on there is the show the fish guys make of throwing a fifteen pound salmon from the display case back to the guys who wrap them. I love being able to start the process. It's like putting money into the tin man's cup. It makes him start his robot dance.

I also want to go to the gum wall. I'll need to stop and buy some gum on my way. Can you believe that I've never been to the gum wall?

I only have to be back to Redmond in time for Nick's karate lesson at 5:00. Maybe I should ask Rachel to come with me on Monday instead. Or maybe Nick should invite his friends and we could go Saturday afternoon before their sleepover.


I just realized that you can't take three boys to the gum wall if they all have braces. Bummer!

But I still want to see the gum wall. I don't know why. All the closeup pictures I've seen of it are pretty disgusting. I've heard it's really bad when it gets hot in the summer, yet whenever one of my friends goes, I find that I want to go too. I intend to chew my gum, two or three pieces, at least, for a half an hour before I find the place. I assume I can search for it using the map on my iPhone. Then, I'll stand there, looking at the wall for a few more minutes while I make sure that all the sweet has been chewed out. As I stare at the Jackson Pollock effect of the different colors of gum, I want to make a promise to myself and stick it up there on that wall with my wad of green gum. Can't you picture that?

There it will be, for all to see, my sticky promise to myself, hanging with all the other promises that people make when they use the gum wall. The site seems like a ritual wall, like the wailing wall or the Blarney stone. Seattle has the gum wall where you can renew vows, make a resolution, or just seal a friendship using a hunk of mostly chewed gum.

Don't you just love going into Seattle?

Thank you for listening, jb

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