Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Perfect Solution to a Visit from His Mother-In-Law

Mike and I have been going through files in his office in preparation for getting new flooring. It's mostly a drudgery. Mostly. It had gotten out of control in there, papers lying everywhere. For my part, I'm recycling old calendars. I mean, who wants to know when I got my teeth cleaned in the year 2007, really? But Mike managed to find his great grandfather's birth certificate among his grandma's papers. It was a really cool moment. We have relatives in Dundee, Scotland. Ay that.

I think this whole thing is becoming the perfect storm. First, both my neck and back hurt. Right now, they hurt. I've only hauled about twenty boxes. I still have two bookshelves to go, not to mention all the furniture. I'm a fifty-four year old woman who's had one back surgery, people. I'm not the go-to person for moving furniture.

Then, I'm going to be gone for eleven days between now and then. Okay, that part will probably be lots of fun. I'm going to Zurich, Nancy, and Barcelona. I'll come back exhausted, in the very least. I'm hoping my bad tooth doesn't go south on me then. My doctor has given me prescriptions for antibiotics and pain. 

Then, there are the nightmares I read about on the internet about installers who came in, took a month, and botched the job. We don't have time for a botched job and months of work. My mother is coming in July. Can't we just wait? We've lived with this floor for twenty-three years. We can live with it for another two months and a visit from my mother.

I never realized that Mike is afraid of what she thinks of him. It was easier to go visit her in her house and find other in-laws hiding out in the living room or on the back steps. He's the one who keeps insisting that we do it before she comes.

I think everything has the potential for going completely wrong and we won't even have access to our house while she's here. Is that what he wants? Is it?

Yeah, it probably is the perfect solution.

Thank you for listening, jb

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