Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trying to See Before Dawn

Three trees collapsed in our yard today.  They missed the house.  They missed the garage, the car, the truck, and the shed.  Why?

They broke the strain relief on the power lines and sent me running around inside my house to see what had happened.  It was still dark, so we didn't see the problem until we were walking out the door to drive to school.  It was such a big thing, but we hadn't been able to see it.  Why?

Then, when we couldn't get across the sidewalk or over the driveway, the problem was obvious.  You could say it was all about light dawning.  What about those things we can't see and we can barely feel, like the way the moon pulls us crazy when it's full or the way a new shoot can grow three three inches in one day.  Why?

My car was blocked in, so we happened to take the truck. Then, I noticed that the truck had a gasoline smell when I stopped at the market to get milk.  It still had a gasoline smell when I parked it in our driveway.  It could become a bomb, smelling as though it has a serious leak, but I got back home and into my house safely.  Why?

Right now, the dog and the cat are chasing each other around the house.  I wish they'd be quiet, but they're not.  Seth is talking to Teddy and Teddy is staring messages back at him.  Why?

Mike left the television on a movie I sort of like, 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe.'  Actually, I liked the book better.  The movie looks a little strange. 

But I like it because it tries to answer the questions.  There are so many questions.  The problem with the questions is that while all that is rolling around in your head, you still have to drop the kids at school, buy milk, go to a meeting, act normal.  Why?

The answer, as you know if you've read the book or even remembered the movie, is 42.  Do you have a better answer?

Thank you for listening, jb

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