Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rambling On

Years ago, I took a picture of Mike.  He was standing on a rock by the edge of a lake and the sun behind him put him in silhouette.  For a long time, it was my favorite picture of him.  I'm not sure where that picture is now, likely in a shoe box down in the office.  You know the room I'm talking about.  We call it the office, but really, it's a big storage room with a desk in it in case Mike has a conference call and needs silence while the boys are yelling over video games or some sword fight.  I'd love to recover that picture, but it's lost in that room.

Today, I found a bunch of pictures from Rattlesnake Lake last week when we went for a walk.  It was a lovely day, though shrouded with smoke from the fires in Eastern Washington.  There was one that I think is a parallel to the one I remember from long ago. 

I'd love to see the two photos together, the same man in silhouette, one in youth and the other in middle age.  Can you picture the changes?

I have to tell you - I don't see the changes in Mike over the years.  I really don't.  People look at old pictures of him and exclaim over how much he's changed.  I may have changed, but I don't see it in him.

Okay, you'll have to forgive me tonight.  I'm running on a succession of sleepless night.  Don't know why.   It's starting to get to me.  I can totally see it in my stories here.  It's caught me up in other ways too.  The other day, I sent out a crazy email at 2:00 am.  My advice to you is never send email at that hour.  You never know what you'll write, or worse, volunteer for.  I also exclaimed something stupid out loud at a meeting.

"I have one of those!" I blurted out when the speaker was trying to make a point about prodding someone on and did anyone even know what a prod was anyway in this era.   Oh, it was so embarrassing. Did my mouth really open just now? 

I also made a long rambling phone call to volunteer for yet another task for which I have no time.  The recipient laughed and said something about me sounding like I was stoned.  That was scraping bottom.  I just have to get some sleep tonight.

Don't let the bedbugs bite!

Thank you for listening, jb


  1. Looks like you are taking up too many tasks..go easy on yourself,and get some sleep...Sweet dreams!

    1. I did better last night ... once I finished the bake sale pies. I'm so proud of myself because a friend asked me to volunteer at church tomorrow and I managed to say I couldn't make it. It's a real stretch for me to make enough time to write. How do you manage that with your art? I find it's harder when people are nice and I appreciate in the nature of what they're doing. jb