Monday, October 15, 2012


I'm supposed to help the gym teacher with archery tomorrow, all because Nick wanted me to bring his bow to school when they began the archery session.

Ha! I'm not all that good at archery, but I am good at the safety stuff. Mostly, the kids need to know never to aim an arrow at something they don't want to shoot. And tomorrow, more adult bodies will help prevent accidents toward that effort.

I know how to hold up my fingers at arm's length in a triangle to determine which eye is dominant. If you position an object within the triangle then close one eye, the object won't shift when you're using your dominant eye.

My problem is that I'm right handed and left eyed. Not long ago at Scout camp, I was told I needed to learn to shoot with my left hand using my dominant eye. I guess eyes are more important than hands when it comes to shooting.

Handedness is a problem for me. I write with my right hand, but manipulate a screw driver and anything requiring finesse with my left. With my right hand, I throw like a girl. (But I am a girl.) I used to water ski with my left foot in the back, controlling things and most importantly, I'm strongly left-handed with my paddle.

I suspect I was one of those kids who would have written with her left hand had I been given the chance in first grade.

Just how different would my life have been if I'd stuck with being left-handed? I could be a lot different. I'm not technically ambidextrous since I'm feel strongly about which hand to use for a particular job.

The nice thing about paddling left is that Mike paddles right and we seem to go together so well in our canoe. I love the feeling of pulling in synchrony with him.

So all in all, I'm kind of glad I don't need a bunch of special tools, scissors and pruners and such. I'm glad I match with Mike so well in the canoe. I'm just going to have to learn to shoot all over again. Maybe I'll be better at it this time around.

Thank you for listening, jb


  1. Its a plus when you can use both your hands for different purposes, isn't it!Looks that way to me :) .... I can not even hold my phone to my ear with my left hand if I am doing something in kitchen or drawing with my right hand-- it just doesn't feel right, and I have to shift it in order to listen what is being said on the line!!I suppose I am so used to work with my right hand that my left works like it was a trainee :D

  2. Arti, that's funny. I've noticed that I can get a little confused if I try to actually do stuff with both hands at the same time, especially when both require thought. If I had your right hand, I would never complain again. Or maybe it's your eyes! jb