Monday, October 8, 2012

Doing the Math

It's hard to write something nice when you've had the kind of day I had.   Everyone in the family tried to make good things happen.  Nick got most of his homework done, even what isn't due until Friday, plus he got some exercise on his own.  I made lasagna and an appointment for a doctor to check out my poor foot.  Mike mowed the lawn and found that the reason Chase wanted to refinance our mortgage so quickly was that they were actually going to get us to pay an extra $16,000 for our mortgage over the next fifteen years.  Wow!  Good deal, but only for them.

Don't think we're going to sign that paperwork. 

Still, it felt like a very hard day, what with me feeling so bad for causing so much trouble regarding the use of the incorrect middle initial for me on our refinance documents.  Remember that I told you that I don't respond well to pressure?  There was a lot of pressure to get the signatures done today despite the fact that my name was incorrect throughout.  Really, they just put the paperwork in front of us late last Friday evening.  We ran into this problem with my middle initial and weren't able to begin to solve it until this morning.  There was pressure to move forward, yet they didn't seem interested in fixing anything.  So eventually, I got mad.  I kept asking Mike and this loan officer in our back-and-forth phone conversations, "Why are we all in such a hurry here? Mike and I didn't set this deadline, yet the bank has set such a close cutoff that we can't get everything set up correctly. Why is that?"  Maybe that set off alarm bells in Mike's head.  I don't know.  He went back and double-checked the figures.  What a guy, huh?

I get so pissed off when people try to make me out to be the problem while trying to hide the true issue.  Funny thing about anger - it seems to have a purpose.  It's useful when someone is trying to manipulate you.  Think about it.  When were you most angry?

I was pretty angry when the people bashed in my car window and took my laptop.  I was furious when someone stood in my driveway, checking out what was in my car with a pen light with a getaway car in the neighbor's driveway.  There are other stories, but I think they're stories for another day.

Needless to say, I am still pissed about this $16,000.  I just hope they don't try to say we owe them any money for the work they've done so far.  We don't owe them one red cent. 

Is it my imagination that Seth, our cat, seems to know when I've had a really bad day?  He seems to know when I need some fur therapy.

He's been at my feet all afternoon.  Seth tries to make good things happen too. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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