Saturday, March 31, 2012

When A Battle Is Worth Fighting

It's been a bad day, a string of them.  Mike and I are no closer to solving the problem with how to keep Nick safe from his allergies at fifth-grade camp.  The staff at school keeps asking me to do their work for them.  It's all really sad.  This school was a haven for Nick, a place where this medical problem was taken care of, even minimized, an outlet for volunteering where I had felt welcomed and comfortable.  Is all of that so easily burned into ash?

Tonight, Teddy chewed on the birdhouse that Nick made at a birthday party.  Nick got really upset because the poor little birdhouse doesn't look so good now.  Nick's anger got him into trouble and now he's lost two days of TV privileges.  I know how he feels.  I'm trying really hard not to let my anger get me into trouble.

Mike's going to be at a first aid training session all weekend.  That's a good thing in general, but I really need time with him by most Friday afternoon.  I really need him this weekend. Nick does too. 

I'd really love to complain about all of this on Facebook, but I can't because I'm actually Facebook friends with the school nurse who's just about as angry with me as I am with her.  I'm not sure why she's angry when I'm the one to whom promises had been made.  I don't know how our friendship is going to survive this. 

I should lean back and let these school people fail.  Then, when Mike puts his foot down for the final decision, then they'll get the picture that they didn't do enough.  Neither of us is convinced that they're taking it at all seriously.  They just keep saying, 'you need to call these people' and 'you need to set up this information.'  I don't want to do their job for them.  The school nurse is trying to sound confused about what I'm asking and I just know she's smarter than that because we've talked about these details on and off for the past five and a half years.  She's pretending that she didn't explicitly say I would be allowed to go on this trip.  Oh, she is not confused.  Today, she tried to tell me that these medical-need spots for parents are reserved for the kids who need feeding tubes and who have to get their lungs suctioned out twice a day.  Really?  Where is that child in these classrooms?  I know of only one who just might have an issue such as this.  You see, I know these kids pretty well since I've been active in their classrooms since kindergarten.  How is it that I could have slid so far down that scale?  I know there aren't ten or more of these children who need extra help.  I believe the selection process is a popularity contest and nothing more.

And the teacher's email to us sounds pedantic and condescending.  Oh, I do not like condescending attitudes.

I haven't been able to tell a good story in a couple of weeks and I'm not sleeping well.  I hate when people can't just get along, but to tell you the truth, my son's life is worth this battle.  I hate every moment of it, but he is worth it, even when his anger gets him into trouble after the dog chews up his birdhouse. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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