Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pretending and Protecting

I hate that feeling I get when I wake up, it's dim outside, and I can't figure out if it's morning or night.  That kind of light could be morning and the sound of Mike slamming the front door could mean that I have missed him completely.  Or it could be around dinner time and he's just taking the garbage out.

Thankfully, I haven't missed the whole evening and morning with my family.  It's still Sunday night and, thought it's wet out, there is sun setting in the tops of the trees. 

Since I've been sick, Nick has been more helpful than ever.  Is that what it takes to grow a helpful child, to get the stomach flu?  When I asked, Nick jumped up to take the recyclables out to the bin.  He just came back inside and, when I realized that Mike had gone to get eggs from the store, he offered to go back out and take the bin all the way out to the curb.  We live on a steep hill, so he gets just a little exercise every time he goes down.  Maybe I should send him down yet again with the garbage.  Am I devious or what?

Earlier, when I told him that we'd reward him if he learned to do his math and reading on his own rather than having to be prompted, he said he didn't want me to give him anything, that it was the right thing to do to get his work done.  Who are you and what have you done with my child?

Nick didn't want to go, but came with us to walk Teddy anyway.  Mike was worried that I'd begin to feel faint on the trail and need some help.  I needed a walk because my muscles had begun to seize up after a couple of days without exercise.
On the trail, Nick was dressed with his brown cloak and a plastic dagger.  I love that my boy can be eleven and isn't embarrassed to be seen playing.  He decided our group was called the 'Assassins Corps' and his nickname was 'Krazy Killer.'  Mine was 'Princess Cut-Your-Throat' and Mike's was 'Bloodletter.'  Pretty gory, isn't it?  If that's what it takes to get company on the trail, I'll go along with it.  Boys have such a need to be warriors.  Okay, I'll admit that I don't know what all boys are like.  My boy has such a need to be a warrior.  I didn't have to do anything but walk, but Nick jumped and spun, pretending to protect us. 

I like that, being protected.

Thank you for listening, jb

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