Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today was a sweet, quiet day with time for a board game with Mike and Nick and a long, wet walk with the dog.  I love Saturdays.  I was hoping to have some time to quilt, but I don't mind the day we spent together.  Nick had been up coughing late into the night.  Then, he'd gotten up for more breathing medicine at 1:45 am.  I'd had trouble waking up and was afraid I'd poison him with too much medication.  Then, once he was asleep again - his eyes had closed before the nebulizer had finished delivering its dose - I was wide awake and had trouble getting back to sleep.  So I pictured the day as one fettered by fatigue.  It wasn't.

This is the way my day looked late in the afternoon.

I'd like to have seen a dog or two in the foreground.  Teddy isn't one to wander out into the distance, though.  He's right there with me.  Usually, when I'm calling him, wondering where he's gotten to, he's right behind me.  At this moment, he's asleep on the floor next to my chair.  He really is a good dog.

When I got home, the three of us resumed our game, a D&D game called 'The Legend of Drizzt.'  It allows me to imagine my fearless female archer, to battle strange monsters, to use those cool twenty-sided dice.  It's not even a video game!  I can get with that. 

Thank you or listening, jb

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