Sunday, August 18, 2013

Who Doesn't Like a Slide Show?

I'm still too tired. How about an adventure in photos? I'll warn you that I'm not known as a photographer, especially with my iPhone. Here they are anyway:


Doesn't it look like they're floating out there in space? The fog gave everything a quiet, mysterious element.






The spray skirt is very flattering, no?



Under our guide's directions, I ate a little bit of sea kelp. It was salty and rubbery. He also said that the kelp's floating bulbs were filled with carbon monoxide gas. Good to know.
Along the way, I saw three harbor porpoises, seven or so harbor seals with their pups on a rocky island, three bald eagles and their nest, cormorants, a kingfisher pair, the school of herring that swirled and flipped in the water, a great blue heron, gulls, purple sea stars (starfish), a sea snail, and a herpetologist. No orcas this time.
I met people from Wisconsin, Ethiopia, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Florida, New York, and Illinois. The last one, the woman from Illinois who stared into the sunset with me, asked me if I were traveling alone.
I might have missed Nick and Mike, but no, I was never alone.
Thank you for listening, jb

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