Saturday, August 10, 2013

People at the Faire

Oh man, it was fun and you wouldn't believe how tired I am. We went to the Midsummer Renaissance Faire in Bonney Lake today. There was jousting, battling, cannon firing, fencing, eating, arrow shooting, axe throwing, root beer guzzling, shopping, and camel riding. No, I did not ride a camel today. It would not have been pretty. I tell you though - I would have except that I had that honor years ago at the Bronx zoo.

It's a toss up whether my favorite part was the people watching or getting Nick and his friend thrown in jail for thievery. I can't tell you how fun it was to rat them out. Nick even got put into the stockades. The funny thing is that the charge was stealing lunch and after analyzing it in the car on the way home, I was the one who stole a french fry from one and an onion ring from the other. They'd been innocent all along. Nick didn't like it as much as I thought he would. He didn't like getting into trouble even though it was made-up trouble.

The people watching was amazing too. There was a Rottweiler/boxer mix dog wearing a pink tutu, babies with faerie wings, and people dressed as queens and warriors. As far as I'm concerned, it was too hot to be wearing too many layers, let along a dress made of tapestry fabric underlaid with petticoats and corsets. I wore a simple skirt, a blouse, a vest, sandals, and a parasol. I love my parasol the best. I bought it last year for $10 and have been doodling on it. I drew a pattern onto it when it was closed and continued that pattern on it when it was open. This year, it has a couple of holes in the paper between the stays. It may be a cheap paper parasol, but I love it, especially since it was quite pleasant under it with the breeze today. Some ladies were in heavy brocade to the ground with tight corsets and expensive hats. I would love to ask many of them of the story of getting decked out in such glory. Those outfits didn't happen overnight. I'd guarantee that many of pieces were hand made, even the leather.

There were guys in leather armor, wenches with pushed-up cleavage, Scottish men in kilts, oh the kilts, princesses, squires, and peasants. There was even a ninja warrior. Mike and I were dressed as peasants. He looks great in those clothes. I hoped to look cute, but the laces on my vest didn't seem to pull together as tightly as they did last year. Nick looked more like a warrior with his bracers and peace-tied sword. His friend looked like a squire in a tunic that he'd made and a chain mail belt that he borrowed from Nick. When I inherited a dagger that had gotten too heavy in the heat, I looked much more interesting. I like to imagine I looked just a little bit dangerous. My favorite person this year was a guy dressed completely in black leather with weapons on his belt and even a tankard. He looked very serious though, so I only stole a quick photo of him as he walked away.

And the dog in the tutu was very cute too.

Thank you for listening, jb

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