Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Preparing for Their Wonderful Canoe Trip

First of all, you need to know that I don't have time to be here with you right now. Whether you see that as a bad or a good thing is up to you. I'm just so busy getting ready for their wonderful canoe trip and I need a break. Can we spell 'passive aggressive?' Yes, I said their wonderful canoe trip.

Well, if all goes well, I will see them off to go on their wonderful canoe trip tomorrow morning. Then, and only then, I'll be able to make the reservations for a whale-watching kayak trip for me. Mike didn't want me to pay for it and not be able to go for some reason or another, like a boy who gets sick at the last moment. I hope they don't book up before tomorrow morning.

Here's what I did so far:

made a double-batch of Hudson Bay Bread and then wrestled with it to get it out of the pan
made another batch of Hudson Bay Bread when I'm informed that the double-batch is not enough (I have to admit that their compliments worked on my ego.)
helped Nick pack his gear, twice because he failed the pack check the first time
bought all the Painted Hills Campfire Jerky that was available at the market
checked with the staff at the market to find out when the next delivery was going to be
cut a pants leg off an old pair of Mike's pants and tried to make a stuff bag out of it except it was two inches too short
attended all the meetings and training sessions for their wonderful canoe trip
made a big salad for the boy because it's the last healthy thing he's going to eat for the next four days

Here's what I still need to do:

help Nick pick out a sleeping pad from the shed
make sure there are no ants nesting in the sleeping pad from the shed
cut another pants leg off Mike's pants and try to make a stuff bag out of it for a volleyball net
wrestle with the Hudson Bay Bread to get it out of the pan
pick up holds at the library
sneak in before anyone else and buy all the Painted Hills Campfire Jerky at the market (Notice that even the website is sold out.)
scrape out most of the greens into the garbage from the boy's salad noting that the tasty accouterments that I added are gone
put together a decent meal for the guys for tonight since it's the last real food they're going to eat for the next four days
remind the boy, again, that he needs to cut down the cardboard boxes for recycling because he's going to be way too tired on Sunday night when he gets home from their wonderful canoe trip (This requires at least four reminders and a threat or two. I have a rule that if you leave garbage and dirty dishes lying around, you have to pay me 25 cents per item when it's been lying there too long. I've instituted a new rule that if you require me to remind you, or nag you, to do something and I've already done it three times, you have to pay me 25 cents for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh reminders, each. Beyond that I've felt a stroke coming on and couldn't speak for fear of bursting the bulging veins in my forehead and neck. I tell you, if I don't have a stroke, I'm going to get rich. When I get enough quarters, I'm going to get a massage with my earnings.)

I'd better go. It's looking as though I might not get done. I really think I'll look forward to waving goodbye to them tomorrow morning at 5:30 am.

Thank you for listening, jb



  1. You seem to be quite busy,Julie.I hope the trip goes on as planned, or even better;you are such an organizer!Good luck with the penalties; if they pay up, you are going to be rich soon!Best, x

  2. Thanks Arti! Nick is really going to get this figured out. He's better at it already. At least he doesn't assume it's my job these days.

    Now, I get to plan my own adventure.