Friday, April 13, 2012

The Way We Talked

I had lunch with Mike today.  I liked picking him up from work and going with him to a peaceful sushi restaurant I hadn't visited for quite a while.  There's a waitress at this place who doesn't like children and makes them feel particularly uncomfortable even if they haven't made any noise or messes.  We don't bring Nick here even though he'd love the atmosphere and the beautiful food.  Yet, I am still willing to come here because the sushi is fresh and artful and the atmosphere is tranquil.  It's hard to give up a good restaurant after fifteen years of patronage because one old waitress is rude to your child, but you notice that I'm not exactly recommending it, don't you?

Mike eats so fast, I though he needed to rush back to work.  He didn't.  Yet, it seems as though we barely had time to catch up with the things he needed to hear, let alone talk about whatever came up.  I'd signed Nick and Adrian up for swim lessons starting in mid-May.  They'll be busy, but they needed to improve their skills before Boy Scout camp at Parsons in early July.

There were issues with the new parents and the Boy Scout troop.  They weren't getting the information they needed to prepare for the first camp out.  Plus, we needed to figure out what we were doing for the summer so we could coordinate with Adrian's parents.  Mike wants us to take a real vacation. That's a good thing. We could all use a real vacation, but we need to make sure Adrian has a place to go during the days while we're gone.   Shoot, we needed to figure out what we were doing tonight so we could coordinate with them.  The strange thing about Adrian's family and ours is that we are neighbors, but we're more like family since Adrian has become a family member.  They know more about us than I'd ever imagine and we know more about them than we want to know sometimes.  It really is a strange arrangement, but it works for us.  Why have just one boy when you can have one and a half instead? 

Wow!  I thought I'd forgotten what Mike and I talked about.  It's funny how the details come back.

I remember watching him use his chopsticks on the fat noodles in his soup.  Adept, I thought.  I love that my husband is comfortable using chopsticks.  I wasn't as graceful when I transferred his salad to my bento box and a bit of salad dressing dripped down the side.  He didn't seem to mind.  I always eat his salads.  I gave him my shrimp tempura. 

We were easy together.  That sometimes happens after twenty-five years.  Even after all this time, I like being across a table from him.  He usually chooses a seat to look out over the room.  I usually face the window.  Mike can still make me a little nervous.  I don't know why that is.  I caught myself being happy that I hadn't spilled anything on my shirt. I know he loves me, but having that rare lunch together helps.

Thank you for listening, jb

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