Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Easter Egg for Buddha

I just sorted through about a hundred pair of plastic egg halves. I love the person who thought it might be nice to keep each half together with a narrow band of plastic. I hate the ones whose halves won't go together no matter how hard I press, and the ones that fall open. I tried to throw out all the unmated halves and pairs that were too much trouble.

Then, I packed the eggs full of quarters, candy, some dollars, and a couple of five dollar bills. It seems like a sad metaphor, cash in the Easter eggs, but I gave up trying to find tiny toys for an eleven-year-old boy. Most iPods and video games don't quite fit in a plastic egg. Last year, it felt like a waste spending $35 on junk Nick didn't like, just because it fit into the eggs. Okay, last year, Michael's sold nesting oversized eggs that were beautiful, but this year, after wrestling with the yellow one that was just the right size, I folded up the GameStop card I got for Nick and put it into the pink one. Yes, the bright pink one. I guarantee that tomorrow Nick won't be complaining that I did that, or rather the Easter Bunny did that, and damaged his manly demeanor.

This boy still wants to believe in the magic too, even though I know that he knows that I'm up at night doing it all after he goes to sleep. Why ruin it for him. All that doesn't seem to damage his manly demeanor either.

I kind of had fun after I cleaned up the bits of dried grass I found in some of the eggs and finished filling them. I hid most of those eggs around the house. I hid them with in the bookshelf, on the tea light stands, in mugs. I hid some on the cat tree, the money ones so the candy wouldn't get gross. I hid eggs with the video games, in my basket of ponderosa pine cones, under the weight machine. I hid eggs behind picture frames, under Nick's book, and even in his shoe. Again, I made sure the shoe egg was cash and not candy. I even hid an egg under Nick's pillow as he slept. Now that was a feat.

The best place I hid an Easter egg was next to Buddha's belly on the mantlepiece. Now, that's a mixed metaphor, isn't it? Buddha's Easter Egg. I don't mind. Do you?

Thank you for listening, jb

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