Friday, April 20, 2012

The Affair Your Minister's Wife Had With Her Dog Trainer

I don't have anything to say today.  I was uberbusy.  It was nice walking with Rachel and her dog, but should I keep doing this when I'm already behind?  Yes.  I need the walks.  I need the conversation.  I haven't been bored lately, though I'm trying to catch up with almost everything.  Walking the dog takes time.  Well, I've needed to take this time.  I need the exercise.  Yesterday, I walked five miles with Teddy and RunKeeper said I burned 1130 calories.  Wow, that's half the calories I should be eating for one day.  Here's what you should know - I don't, I won't count calories.  I might keep track of carbohydrates on a good day.  The exercise is supposed to even out my sugar levels.  I haven't been able to feel a distinct difference, but it definitely has a good effect on my mood.  But maybe that's Rachel though.  She's funny.  Even when she's aggravated about something, she's funny.  Today, we were talking about how drugs are a deal-breaker, how we don't want our kids around anyone involved in drugs. 

So here's another thing you should know about me.  I love gossip.  I really do.  I try not to love gossip, but I can't help myself.  I've set up some rules so that I can gossip comfortably and others so that I can listen to gossip eagerly. 

I don't want you to tell me that the dad who volunteers in Nick's classroom has tried to seduce another mom that I know.  I don't want to hear anything juicy about someone I know that you heard from someone else's lips, anything that's really conjecture.  I don't want to hear anything, not one word that isn't nice, about a kid, especially a kid I know.  It's hard enough for kids, let alone if some parent is looking askance at them about something they might not even have done. Will I change my mind about that when they all get to be teenagers?  I doubt it.  I want to make up my own mind about Nick's friends and his enemies.  We'll see if I can stay true to that one.  I hope so.  It's hard for kids.

On the flip side, I'll tell you dirt about my friend and her lover if I suspect that you'll never meet her.  Old stories are perfect gossip.  They grow in stature and extravagance and who's to say where those people are now? I might tell you something about my family, but I try not to enact revenge on them, even from a distance.  I swear that my poor sister can sense if I've been saying anything bad about anyone in my family.  She really can.  And I think it hurts too.  The bad news about you is that I might write about you.  I write about everyone I know.  I just don't publish much. 

I do want to hear about your in-laws, your cousins, your best friend's dog's trainer. These people are like characters in a story. There's an element of fiction to them. I want to hear about how you stood your ground to protect your kids against drug users or dogs that bite. I want to hear about your minister's wife. I really do. And if I don't know these people, sex, drugs, alcohol, and dangerous liaisons are all very interesting. Just as long as I don't have to sit across a table from them while I help some kid learn his multiplication tables. It is so uncomfortable when good stories get interrupted by reality. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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