Saturday, February 14, 2015

Quiet Joys

I'm sitting here with a lemon Perrier and a peeled sumo mandarin. Small things bring such joy.

Mike went to bed before I did and I leaned over and rested my cheek against his shoulder before I kissed him goodnight. We had watched a movie, 'Labor Day' together. He's in the habit of not changing the channel every other night after he's tucked Nick into bed and sat to talk to him for a few minutes. I listened to their voices through the closed door, then took control of the remote for the first time today.

I don't have to set my alarm in the morning. I'll wake up when I wake up and I'll be able to sit in the dim light with my notebook and write for a few minutes, not having to rush. I might even light a candle.

Teddy was sleeping on the floor by my side until it got too late for him and he's now moved to the couch. His head is resting on one of the soft pillows and he just sighed. I'm not sure if it's comfort or just a desire for me to finish and turn the lights off, but it's sweet.

Rain taps at the skylights. It's been warm, so my hellebore is nearly finished, crocus are budding and delicate snowdrops are in bloom. The grass and moss are an Irish green. And the fog barely burns off in the sun and sometimes weaves between the evergreens in late afternoon. The frogs sing their mating song. They sound so peaceful and make February my favorite time of year. Most other places in the country are still fighting snow, but I get the gift of bright green moss and happy frogs. We live across from swamp land, so they're loud enough to hear inside the house.

Nick is on a break from school so we have plans to swim, hike, go to the zoo, and have a sleepover. It will not be a quiet week.

I can feel spring coming. Almost.

Thank you for listening, jb

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