Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Keep on Jumping

I'm exhausted. Saturday was fine. I laid in bed and watched a girl movie on Saturday. The best part was that the hour and a half movie took almost three hours to play because of commercials. I needed that.

Sunday, we took a couple of kids to the park to toss a football around. Not too bad. We relaxed all evening.

Then, there was swimming on Monday. I loved the swimming, but I was pretty tired when I got done. That night was easy except that my shoulder was so tired I couldn't raise my arm.

The zoo yesterday. We walked all over that zoo. I think we saw every frog and turtle and cub, even the komodo dragon cub, that was in the zoo. The penguins were sharing their fish with a pair of herons though. It was so cool.

When I got home, I was exhausted, but I ran to the grocery store because we needed massive groceries. The kids had run through two grocery bags with stuff like pepperoni, jerky, chips, and cheese. We still had plenty of carrots and snap peas left in the bottom of the bags. We also needed milk. I would swear that Nick drinks a half gallon of milk every day, sometimes more.

Today, we hiked. It was only four miles, but they were up and down and rocky miles. My feet feel worn down to little nubbins. Plus, I ate too much junk food, so I'm almost comatose now. What my endocrinologist would say is that I can't eat more carbohydrates just because I got some exercise. I keep trying though. I had an orange, a handful of Wheat Thins - oh my God, Wheat Thins are so good - a slice of pizza, and some dried shiitake mushrooms coated in a thin film of salt and sugar.

Exhausting. I might even have a hangover in the morning. It's not fair, getting a hangover from a handful of Wheat Thins and a slice of pizza. It's only 8:19pm and my body is begging to slide into bed and lay my head on a nice cool pillow. I have to make sure the boys don't stay up all night so I have to make it to 10:00pm. One of the boys has to leave fairly early in the morning and not be crabby. Good. I can go with that.

Tomorrow, Nick and I are joining friends and going to a trampoline place. She said that parents jump for free! That's just great. I get to jump for free tomorrow. I would have been happy to sit with my head between my knees while the boys are jumping, but we're going to jump.

Tomorrow, I'll jump. A little.

Friday, the boys wanted to go to the movies. Yeah, I can do the movies. Yes. I'll even sit through the Sponge Bob movie if that's what they want to see. I might fall asleep. I just might get my bottle of water, my tiny bag of popcorn and sleep in the dark for an hour and a half on Friday.

On Saturday, Nick is supposed to head over to one of the other boy's house for another sleepover. I'll drop him off at noon if they let me. Then, I'll come home, crawl into bed and take a long nap until Sunday when  need to pick him up.

Sometimes it's hard being an old mom. I am an old mom and I'm feeling every second, every single one of the twenty-six million five hundred and seventy million seconds of the life that has piled onto my shoulders.

Still, I'm getting great exercise this week!

Happy Mid-Winter Break!

Thank you for listening, jb

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