Monday, June 9, 2014

Tears for the Beauty of It

This morning, we moved so slowly that by the time we got to the street for breakfast, elevensies, the cafe was serving lunch. It was a very good lunch, a salad with corn, beets, wurst, and potato salad on it. Sorry, it's like those casserole photos on Facebook, not translating well. 

Every day I order l'eau or wasser mit gasse and I giggle. Nick should be here to order wasser mit gasse. He's a boy. Gas is a boy thing. Sparkling water sounds much more sophisticated. I am not sophisticated. Never was. 

Today, Mary, Bree and I traveled by train to Strasbourgh, France. I'm in France! It amazed me to hear a tiny girl so fluent in French before the realization struck that I was well and truly here. 

French women, even very young girls,  carry themselves differently. It only serves to intensify that dork feeling I carry around. 

Then, we walked through town. Every corner became more picturesque. Broad beam Tudors. Oh. Narrow streets, flower boxes hanging over bridges. Then there was the cathedral, also called the Notre Dame. I'm too tired. Look it up on google. Stunning. 

See what I mean?

Then we went and had raclette, reisling, and fondue for dinner. 

It was so good, I got tears in my eyes. Yes, I admit, the tears were not for the beauty of the cathedral, but for the taste of Strasbourg's food. 

 Good values, huh?

Thank you for listening, jb

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