Saturday, June 14, 2014

Running a Good Race

Dinner wasn't great. The hotel is okay. We only got to see one magnificent castle today. 

But I drove 150 kilometers per hour on the autobahn today!!!!

I did! 

That's 95.13 miles per hour! In a Renault. Not a sports car. Just a little economy car. 

Here's my secret. I didn't drive that way all afternoon. When there was a speed limit, I followed it. 

When there was traffic, I stayed with the pack. No sense being all pushy or anything. 

My sister was really nervous about it. God, she made me nervous the first day until I realized she was freaking out about 80 kilometers per hour. That's about 49 miles per hour. Really? We'd never get anywhere at that speed. 

I paid attention to what other drivers were doing. 

And then, I slowly accelerated all the while getting Mary to talk about something she was interested in, languages or history or something. 

When I could stay all the way right - cars were still speeding past about 50 mph faster than I was going - I gradually accelerated until I felt uncomfortable, just at that edge. It helped if there were fields instead of trees on either side. 

And I hit 150!

Speed is perception, folks. There's no doubt about it. 

If Mary had looked at the grin on my face, she would have known I was cheating.  Maybe she did. 

Maybe she just ducked her head and said a prayer. I don't know. I was busy running the race today. 

It was a good run. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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