Tuesday, June 10, 2014

For the Lack of Frog Legs and Foie Gras

I drove on the autobahn today! It was easy. Driving in downtown Strasbourgh was much more difficult. Pedestrians, bicyclists with baguettes, prams, cobbled streets. Whew, I was glad to make it out of there clean. The highways were easy. 

I'll be honest. I didn't drive all that fast, 110, 112. That is kilometers per hour. Crap! That's not even seventy! Tomorrow, if there isn't traffic, I'll go faster. I won't go over 100 mph, I think. A few people were going at least 50 mph faster than me. 

I love Strasbourgh. We met so many nice people today who tolerated, even encouraged my terrible French. The man at the patisserie, who said he was hot when I asked how he was. I was too, but couldn't think of the words fast enough.  I had coffee creme, pain aux chocolat and fruit. It was lovely. Then Bree and I found the Rhine river and went into an amazing history museum, battles, fashion, lifestyles, weapons. 

The cool thing is that my ancestors are from here. I am going to a town where my great great great grandfather was burghermeister. And we were wine people. I want to see if they feel familiar, the way the men in Dublin looked like Mike. I loved all those relatives in Dublin. 

Will I wake to my relatives here, distant cousins? Tonight, it could have been a cousin who told me she didn't much like the frog legs and that they were out of foie gras. Bummer. 

I was just so happy to be here. Foie gras or not. 

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