Sunday, March 30, 2014

Losing Shoes and Saying Goodbye to Softness

Today, we had to buy Nick a new pair of shoes. We had to, I'm telling you.

Yesterday, Nick put his shoes on top of the car before getting in. Why wasn't he wearing them, I wanted to ask him. When did he start putting important things on top of the car, I wanted to ask. What was he going to do without shoes, I wanted to ask.

I didn't even bother. I didn't go looking for the old shoes along the road either. Nick said that a homeless man could find a really great pair of shoes. In reality, a homeless man would find a dirty pair of well-worn shoes, shoes that are seriously wide. I mean seriously wide.

Today, when the woman at Wide Shoes Only measured his growing feet, they measured a men's nine, EEEEEE width. Yes, he's a hexE width. That is just nauseating, isn't it? I think, like puppies do, he's growing unevenly and he hasn't gotten the length in his feet yet. I'm hoping that's the situation. Can you imagine trying to find shoes for the rest of your life that are an EEEEEE width? Well, thank God for Wide Shoes Only, huh?

That's not the only thing that has me a little sick. My son now has hairy legs. Oh, it's not abnormal or anything. It's just that he's not a little boy any more. He has a light mustache too. It's not thick yet, but if he were a girl with that much hair on his upper lip, he'd start waxing it. He loves his mustache and his hairy legs. I am nostalgic for the little boy that I knew. I'm not ready for him to look like a man. I love his smooth cheek, but I'm going to be saying goodbye to that soon too.

Thank you for listening, jb


  1. I can totally relate to you,we just do not want our babies to grow up so soon!

    1. Hi Arti! We don't, do we? But they do and it makes our hearts ache. I know they'll turn into fine men, but I miss that little boy already.