Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting Back Up

I've been hanging around at home all weekend. Didn't do anything. That's what happens when your kid gets sick.

I need to do something creative. Draw in the dark? Hell, it wouldn't matter if I drew in complete darkness, the picture would still be awful. I still love to draw. Why is that?

The problem with sitting up at night with a sick kid is that you put them in front of the television, turn down the lights, and hope they'll sleep. Then you sit in the dark twiddling your thumbs. I tell you, I get so tired of watching television.

Nick is finally dozing. No school tomorrow though. They won't want him there with what he's been doing, but they'll make his life miserable with schoolwork anyway. I just know they will. I really want a break from the homework. I do. Imagine how Nick feels. It's the end of the term and they have simply loaded him down with four hours of homework every night for over a week. What the hell is the point?

He's talking in his sleep now. Poor kid. He's going to be weak when he's done with this. I had it last Monday and I felt okay after a day, but I was weak for three days. What kind of a week is he going to have being wrung out for three days at the end of the term? I hope this week's homework isn't like last week. Last week was miserable.

It's my fault he's this sick. I accidentally gave him a mocha with caffeine in it yesterday and he was up last night with the jitters. I had ground the wrong kind of beans. Oh, he might have gotten sick anyway, but I doubt it would have been as bad with a good night's sleep.

He was watching 'Karate Kid' and it's still on. I wonder what he thinks of when he watches a movie like that. When I watch that movie, I think that no kid would ever get that competent in just a few weeks of training, even in a few months. Nick has a karate test on Saturday for his brown belt. Damn! He's going to be a brown belt! That impresses me. He's been learning karate since he was in kindergarten, eight years of training. I had ten years of piano lessons when I was a kid. I hope this stays with him, all that dedication, all those dreams. What am I worried about? Something of it will stay with him.

His sensei tells him that once he achieves a belt, he'll never lose that rank. He tells him that a black belt is a white belt who never quit. He tells him to keep getting up even when he falls down. Maybe that's what Nick will carry away with him.

So, after three days of being wrung out, he'll get back up, he'll practice his forms, and he'll do his best on Saturday even if he doesn't feel one hundred percent. He says he might not get the brown belt. His sensei has told him that brown belt testing is with the adults, that getting the belt is not guaranteed. Life is like that. There are no guarantees, but you can keep getting back up when you get knocked down.

If that's all he gets from karate, it will be enough for me.

Thank you for listening, jb

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