Friday, May 3, 2013

Pre-Dance Video Games

I'm sitting here in my living room in front of the computer. There are four boys behind me playing a violent video game.  I put a tray of veggies out with dip, cheese, crackers, and strawberries. They aren't eating much. I've been sitting here quietly for long enough that they don't seem to think I can hear them.

If I were hosting four girls, they'd be in the bedroom, trying on clothes, sneaking more makeup than they should wear, listening to music, and giggling. The only thing these boys are doing from that list is the giggling. Never mind getting ready for the dance. The dance is nearly irrelevant. It's a party right here and right now.

"Clash of the newbs," one yells.

"We should do a match where we put someone out there with her and someone just whales on her," another screams.

"Let's just do the cannibalism thing."

"That's for lunch. That's for dinner. Who's she going to eat next?"

To be honest, I can't type fast enough to catch everything they're saying or even who's saying it. They're laughing themselves silly.

"I'm just coughing up blood. Don't worry. I'll be okay."

"Yep, just choking here."

"Dude, you're a girl. We're not supposed to hit a girl."

"I'm going to just put this knife in your stomach. Can you hold it for a second?"

They are yelling at each other and at the TV.

This stuff is not funny. It's really not if you listen to their literal words. The problem with being invisible in the room is that I'm not sure if I should step in and end it.  Mike said not to worry. I worry. One of the boys wants to play a different game. Thank you! Please, go outside and play. Please. Let your energy out by running around.

Good. Nerf swords. Should I tell them to do all that outside? Nah. I'm going to assume it'll go okay. Books will fall. Maybe a picture in a frame. It's happened before. Not the end of the world.

Now they're fighting on the stairs. It's how they always sword fight in the movies. It looks good, better than it looks here with a concrete floor at the bottom.

Whew! Now all that energy is downstairs when I threatened to take pictures of them. Nick is tired of me always clicking pictures. They might even end up outside. I hope so. I just heard a door slam. It's Mike! He has pizza!

It suddenly got very quiet with the pizza.

Thank God for pizza!

Thank you for listening, jb


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