Friday, May 10, 2013

It's a Rough Life

When I carried him inside, Seth felt like a fleece jacket just out of the dryer. Somehow I've spent the last few afternoons on the back deck at my little table and somehow, the whole family has come out to be with me. Teddy whined at the door until I let him out, but he ran off, so I got him back, then chained him up to his run. He didn't seem to mind, but groaned just a little when he got bored just lying on the deck next to me in the sun with his new yellow dog toy. His biggest mode of expression is through his groans. He's groaning now.  Then, Nick came outside to do homework and brought Seth out in his harness, which he'd put on him upside down. Seth was ecstatic, sitting at the edge of the deck, looking at bugs, tail twitching in excitement. We can't let him off the lead because of the busy road we live by, but this is a pretty good compromise. When Mike got home, he came outside and sat with me for a while, telling me a story about how he had to separate the expenses for just two people at a team pizza party picnic because, technically, they belonged in another group. Then, he went inside to play video games. The deck shields me from television noise. Nick finished his homework and headed inside to play on the TV too, but before he left, he got Seth a blanket and lined a chair with it. When Seth got bored with the bugs, he settled down in the sun in his cosy bed and looked up at me, now and then, with sleepy yellow eyes. His eyes change color, from green to gray, but in the sunshine, they're yellow, like the newest leaves on the trees in spring.

Meanwhile, I read my book, propped up my feet in the sun, doodled in my notebook, ate a large salad, and drank a frosty Perrier flavored with lime, and conveniently forgot stuff I should be doing but wasn't. What a good life, huh?

All good things must come to an end, but it was lovely that when I picked Seth up to bring him in, he felt as if he'd just come from the dryer. It was cool enough that I hugged the warmth from his cosy body until he was normal temperature again.

I'm not sure he appreciated that. I think he liked being the temperature of jeans warm from the dryer. At least I didn't have to worry about the rivets.

Thank you for listening, jb


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