Thursday, May 30, 2013

Feeding the Hordes Continues, Part VII

Getting ready today for the pancake breakfast wasn't as bad as I thought. I vacuumed the dog hair out of my car so food won't get furry when I shop tomorrow. I had pulled the car half-way into the garage thinking I'd have more room and the extension cord would still reach. I wrestled with the wet-dry vac trying to get it into position by the door where I didn't really have enough room to open the door properly. The tension on the extension cord made the plug pop out a couple of times. Nick was there, so I had to curb language I'd have used if I'd been alone. Mike really does need to get some of this Scout gear out of here, but where? The third seat from the truck was lying across a couple of crates and I couldn't even budge them. So, I did that pretend-to-be-skinny dance people do when they can't open the door any wider. It was worse because I didn't actually want to get in, but needed to bend over with my head and arms near the floor so I could see what I was doing. That must have been pretty. I think I banged the crap out of the door. Nick sat in the back seat doing his homework because he needed help making equations out of the functions shown on his sheet. I realized that I couldn't hear a word he was saying with the vacuum running, so I crawled into the back seat with him trying to make heads or tails out of x=2 and y=-6; x=3 and y=-10 and so on. Bonus points if you can do the work from just those two examples. I had to look at it for a while. Math is definitely getting more complicated. I might be able to keep up into algebra, but there are no guarantees after that. I finally got the car cleaned up good enough. Since the struts are broken on the hatch, I didn't even try to clean in the back. Tonight, Mike told me that somehow he only ordered one. One won't be enough, so I won't have the hatch when I bring everything over tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll get the supplies I need from home and bring them over on Friday rather than wrestle with that hatch at 6:45 am on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, Mike is bringing the Suburban to the Camporee with him. That would have come in handy, huh? The Prius definitely has it's limits when carrying crap, especially with a broken struts on the hatch.

I walked the dog today too. He missed out yesterday and he really needed a walk yesterday. He drives me and the cat nuts when he doesn't get enough exercise. On the way home from the park, I figured out that I can still use my CD player in my car as long as I bring forceps to pull a disk out when I've listened to the whole thing. I'm sure it's dog hair mucking up the works. I should bring the little keyboard blower out and stick the nozzle in there again and blow. It worked last time. Only, this time, the whole thing is making a noise. Maybe I should call Car Talk on Saturday morning and make the noise for them. Those guys love when you mimic the noise your car makes. When did my car get so old and decrepit?

About the time I should have been making dinner, I got to work making a sign and a sandwich board for Saturday. Now my hands are tired. It turns out that colored pencils don't get very dark on the slick side of foam core. Oh hell. I'm not going to do it over again now. The coffee cup I drew has curly steam. My pancakes have a little pat of butter on top, and Nick and Mike both recognized the bacon, though I believe it's the weakest part of my drawing. I also made the coffee cup disproportionately small next to the plate. Okay, so maybe I was drawing an espresso instead. Don't anyone get any ideas that I'm making mochas on Saturday. I'm not.

Mike double-checked the quantities on my grocery list so I don't end up with ten times as much bacon as we need. He also said another volunteer emailed about coming to help. See, he's doing his part in all of this. See?

Yesterday, I got the cash box set up, but I'm worried that $200 in tens won't be enough. We could go through that in the first hour if everyone comes in with twenties. Mike says it's plenty. I don't think so. Not really. Not at all. And on Saturday, if someone has to run out to the bank, it will gum up the works for at least a half an hour. Can you picture that too? We have people. We have food. We just can't take their money. Yes, it would stink to run out of tens.

And at home, even though I've done the requisite single load of dishes, I have another load to do before I can see counter top. I folded two loads of laundry and there's another one in the dryer. Finally, Mike ran out to get pizza because he could see there was no lovely dinner smell emanating from the kitchen. Pizza was good. Wonder what he'll bring home tomorrow night? See, he is doing his part.

Boy, I hope we make some money on this fundraiser. I'm just about ready to pull out my checkbook and write a check for a couple thousand dollars just to make it all go away. Maybe next year, I'll figure out how to delegate some of these tasks. Maybe. I don't mind making the signs, but I'll definitely want someone to pick up the pizza and vacuum the dog hair out of my car.

Thank you for listening, jb

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