Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go Puerto Rico!

Well, today I voted.

 I'll tell you that I voted cheerfully for President Barack Obama.

The rest, I think I'll keep to myself. I have that right, you know. It got me thinking - what else would I vote for.

I'd vote for Organic Girl greens. I carry these things around with me to get a decent amount of nutrition. Today, I had arugula with cranberries and onion crispies. I'd vote against fast food. Nick seems to get a stomach ache whenever he eats that stuff, no matter whose fast food it is.

I'd vote yes on fall leaves falling in a pool at the feet of my trees. No on blowing them around. Do these guys know that the wind is just going to blow them back into their lawns if they don't actually collect them? I might vote yes on a leaf vacuum, one that packs the leaves right into my yard waste container. Has anyone ever thought of that?
I'd vote for knowing who Mike voted for before I drop my ballot off at the Post Office. He seems to know about all the controversies. I missed out on a good one, but at least I had the rest figured out pretty well. I'd also vote for the postman who was working late and dropped my ballot into the pile that would get postmarked today. Hey, I voted a day early. Now, listening to all those polls and reports about the election on the radio sounds like fun. I didn't wait until the very last minute to vote, but they haven't counted my vote yet. That might make all the difference.

I'd also vote yes on knowing how Mike spends our money on charities. It turned out that he sent money to the Obama campaign a few weeks before I did. He was the more generous one. We both also sent money to the American Red Cross for hurricane Sandy recovery. Those poor people are having to decide if they have enough gas to get to work and vote tomorrow. Oh man, what a dilemma. Plus, they have water, sand, and scum in their basements. Does anyone know if they have the subways in Manhattan up and running yet? There are still over a million people without power, not that we don't know what that's like around here in the Pacific Northwest with the windstorms that we get. You have to think about all those little old ladies out there who live alone in New Jersey and can't chop wood or work their barbecue grills. Those girls are hurting. Who's going to help them?

I'd vote for the American people who seem to have come out of a long apathetic slump. This election really has us rocking. No, I'm not carrying a grudge if you didn't vote the way I did. I'm just glad that you're out there trying to get the representation right.

And last but not least, let Puerto Rico either become independent or become a real state in our nation. What is the deal anyway? We have created a country based on 'no taxation without representation' so we need to live up to our own ideals here. Really.

Thank you for listening, jb

Well, crap, I can't seem to get things to work here, so you aren't going to see this until Election Day 2012. Good luck, President Obama! I'm rooting for you.


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