Thursday, June 28, 2012

Looking Out Over the Water

I'm going to have to stay up tonight.  Nick has a stomach bug.  So far, he's sitting on the couch with the small wastebasket in front of him, the television on.  Once in a while, he gets up and walks around until his stomach settles. 

I'm tired now.  I've tried to keep moving, doing things I know I'll be too tired to do tomorrow.

Today, we went to Rattlesnake Lake.  It was beautiful and balmy when we arrived.  It was beautiful and chilly when we left.  I love the rich, deep teal of the water in the middle of the lake.  I love the peak to the North of the lake, the pebbles that line the shoreline.  I love the thick stumps in the water, ones that still hold the mark of the springboard, where the first line of loggers stood to cut the trees down by hand nearly a hundred years ago.  Most of the trees were Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Western Hemlock. 

Nick spotted a bald eagle today, one with a fish dangling from its talons.  We all turned away from the shore to watch until we couldn't see it any more then turned back toward the water.  People do that.  Universally, they stand and look toward water, whether it's river, lake or ocean.  Why is that? 

We didn't walk much today, but instead, watched as the dogs ran around, as the kids climbed trees and rocks and got wet or not.  Now I can understand why Nick didn't get wet.  He was already sick.  I hate when I can see so much in hindsight.  I hate when I realize I should have trusted his sense of that more at the time.  He had said he was tired.  I wasn't very good at listening, so tonight, I'll stay awake as long as I can, watching movies I've seen countless times, and doing little more than cheerleading as he passes the night.  I might be able to imagine the perspective of standing on the shoreline and looking out over the water to get me through the long night.

Thank you for listening, jb


  1. I hope he gets better soon.Don't worry too much about it.
    Personally I use homeopathy medicines for these small ailments.I have been given these by my mom (she studied it) since I was a kid and it always works for me.With stomach aches, you can not give them any other drugs- so homeo meds come to my rescue.I know that child in agony is a mom's worst nightmare...that has prompted me to write this even though its an unsolicited advise.
    Best, take care.

    1. Arti, thank you. I'll have to check it out. You're right, I didn't have anything to give him. I forgot about ginger ale. Which homeopathy medicines do you use for that? He's better today, but spent a long night feeling lousy. Next time, I'd like to have something, anything to give him.

    2. Hi JB I am glad that you see my point.I always keep NUX Vomica with me, for any kind of stomach problems.3-4 tiny drops in warm water soothes the stomach.I have tried, tested and trusted it for years.
      Here in UK,I can get it OTC from 'Holland and Barrett' kind of drug stores.You may google it to find what is available nearby.

    3. I'll have to look for that. Thank you Arti.