Monday, June 18, 2012

Flying Dragons

Even though Nick had a fever of 101 last night, we decided to go to the 14th Annual Olympic Air Show for a while today.  Mike's reasoning was that it was Father's Day, Nick seemed well enough, and he had already bought the tickets.  My reasoning for agreeing was that Nick has the hardest time napping except when he's in a car.  If he got a couple of extra hours of sleep, it would be very good for him and an hour or so walking around outside wouldn't be so bad.  I also figured that Mike deserved to have a decent Father's Day since Nick always seems to get sick on holidays, birthdays, and Mother's and Father's Days.

We kept it short, but had a good time.  I loved the the spirals on the propellers.  I know it's an indicator so that a person can see that the propeller is spinning, but it's also cheerful.  Can you imagine that?  They started putting the spirals on the hub of a propeller after a few people walked through the blades, or rather the blades spun through them when they didn't notice that it was spinning. 

My favorite plane was the glider.  It soared silently, like a leaf on the wind.  I liked the French jet too, but it was hard to figure out which one it was from the newsletter. My favorite was watching a WWII fighter jet (the P-51 Mustang?) flying tight maneuvers in the air.  That pilot was aggressive and confident with his plane.  I told Mike he was the pilot I wanted to fly with, but only for three minutes and on an empty stomach.  I have this dream that I'll get to fly a loop-the-loop, a barrel roll, and a cork screw before I die.  Is that crazy?  I just know I'd spend the whole time feeling sick.  Still, there's a possibility that I'd be so excited that I wouldn't feel a thing until it was all over.  It was like that when I took a helicopter ride once and told the pilot I wanted to really feel it.  He flew so low, it felt like we were on a motorcycle as we ran the length of the Snoqualmie River, except when we leaped over the bridge. It was so exciting that it made me cry with exhilaration. I think I forgot to get sick to my stomach that day. 

We spent a quite a bit of time walking through the WWII encampment.  There was a jeep there with a number of guns on it and I was shocked that Nick knew what they were.  Have I missed something?  Later, Mike told me that Nick spends lots of time on his video games switching out his guns.  Well, I guess he's learning something from playing those things. The boy who was telling us about the guns looked like he was a reincarnated soldier, canvas spats and all. 

We planned to leave after I picked up a couple of shells for Nick, a 50mm shell from a machine gun and a 30 caliber from the P-51 Mustang.  I tried to take a picture of the guns on the Mustang, but they're embedded in the wing.  Cool design.  I found that I liked looking at the machine guns from the WWII era.  Many of them had such elegant features. 

Then just before we left, I looked up close at some of the paintings on the sides of the planes.  These guys really took ownership of their planes.  Would the Air Force allow men to paint their planes now?  I loved the teeth and the Betty Boop paintings, but I had to admire the Japanese dragons.  Did that make them feel more powerful, to have the dragons flying along with them? 

Thank you for listening, jb

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