Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Well, I have survived a day of camp. It was great, but the ear worm mind brain is singing is 'Daylight comes and I want go home.' Is that how I really feel? Not really.

I was funny going into a rowboat in the rain with two boys who wanted to test its stability and one boy who couldn't swim. It turned out that the boy who couldn't swim was the better rower. The other two took us in circles.

It rained for the crazy Olympics. We played capture the flag, elimination hoops, backward skipping relay races and more. My favorite was when we had to hold little gutters and roll a golf ball down it without dropping it and keep going to the end of the line to travel with the golf ball. Oh, it's hard to explain, but easy to figure out. Fun too.

Dinner was great and since they have a salad bar and no nuts, I have no worries.

This afternoon, we spent an hour on the beach at low tide. Nick presented me with what looked like a clam, but it had an eel in it! I held up a big sheet of sea lettuce and asked if he wanted a seaweed snack.

He gave me a big hug before going off to bed. I hope he's asleep by now. I will be in a bit. It's very quiet here, but for the light snoring of my roommate.

Thank you for listening, jb

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