Thursday, May 3, 2012

Part of a Love Story

I really don't want to write about my day-to-day so I won't. 

I had all these ideas for writing earlier when I was with my friend at lunch.  We had a great lunch, talking and listening. 

It's late, but I wonder if I could reconstitute  the honey moon trip Mike and I took on the Allagash river?  I've been a little nostalgic since we've been married almost twenty years.  Can you imagine that?  Even river rats get old.  See, I remember our honeymoon, but I it feels like snippets thrown about instead of one cohesive piece. 

There was the night at the end when the temperature got down to 28 degrees.  We were chilly, but prepared for it.  There was the bear and her cub we saw from the boat.  We didn't point them out to Indiana, wondering if she'd want to race up the hill and check them out.  There was the knee-deep water and dragging our loaded canoe over shoals.  I always hated that grinding sound. The funny thing was that it was such a smooth trip, not a lot else stood out.  Oh, you wanted to hear about what we did on our honeymoon?  Not a chance, Fred. 

I remember the only people we saw the whole week were a single ranger and a group of guys that were also out canoeing.  They kept landing at our campsite, as if they were dogging us once they found out we were on our honeymoon.  Really?  Can't you people go to another campsite?  Do you really have to buddy up with us?  We want to be alone. 

It was the week after Labor Day, a great time to paddle the Allagash River in Maine.  Everyone had gone back to school.  People weren't thinking of camping.  They were getting back to their routines.  It's as if Memorial Day and Labor Day are brackets within which you can camp and outside of that, the woods are empty.  Even the animals knew it.  I just wish this rowdy group of guys had known it too. 

Do you know, these men kept feeding our dog when she wandered into their camp.  Oh, I know that we should have kept her on leash, but that gets really tedious for a dog on a six-day canoe trip.  She liked to wait around until we weren't looking and sneak off to see them.  What she didn't know, that they told us point blank, was that they didn't trust pit bulls, even a pit bull mix like Indiana.  Even though she approached them with her tail wagging and an open face, they said they didn't trust her.  So, why would they be feeding her then?  Why not ask us to keep her in our camp?  After they said that, we didn't let her wander when they were camped nearby.

You know, I am too tired to do this justice right now.  I keep thinking about the night we camped on the moose-calving island, but that was Alaska.  And then there's the time Mike heated water up for me and helped me wash my hair, but that was in the Adirondacks.  And I don't want to write the whole thing about my honeymoon with one complaint after another.  That definitely is not what my honeymoon with Mike was about.  I'll have to leave the rest to your imagination for now. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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