Friday, May 18, 2012

Names and Last Words

This is the time of day when I get tired.  Dinner is going to be late.  I don't want to go anywhere tonight, but Nick has a karate lesson and a class.  That also means that he has to do a reading summary.  I do not want to be hovering while he does his work tonight at eight. 

Chocolate.  I need chocolate on days like this.

'Mama said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this, Mama said.'

Oh, I never called my mother 'Mama.'  It didn't fit.  I've called her 'Ma' for thirty years.  I started calling her that when I was a teenager just to annoy her.  It stuck so that whenever I get on the the phone and say, "Hi Ma!" she always knows it's me even though my voice and my sister's are barely distinguishable.  My brother and sister call her 'Mother.'  That's the name that suits her best.  It's the name she wants.  She used to say that 'Ma' reminded her of Ma and Pa Kettle. 

Nick calls me 'Mom' or 'Momma' when he's tired.  I don't feel like a 'Mother' but would rather have the aura of 'Mama.'  It makes me think of lyrics like 'My mama loves me, she loves me, she gets down on her knees and hugs me, loves me like a rock.'  I'd like to be that kind of mom.  Unfortunately, real life is a little bit different than that. 

Lately Nick has been experimenting with calling me 'Mothuh.'  At first, I didn't like it and told him to stop.  Then I realized that his name for me has to evolve as he grows.  Mostly, I think that it'll pass because he was using it with an arched eyebrow, as if we were upper class. 

Okay, I'm still tired .  Usually, it takes about thirty minutes or so to pass, that strong need for a nap.  Oh, I like to have my afternoon nap. 

How boring is that? 

I think our names affect us more than we ever know.  Our endearments may say more than anything about us.  I've heard it said that the last words of most pilots on the black boxes that are recovered are 'Oh Momma' more often than they are anything else.  I wonder if anyone has looked at which term for mom is used most often.  Why is it comforting that Nick's last words just might be about me?  I'd like to think it's about the ones who loved us most.  In that case, my last words might either be 'Mike,' 'Nick,' or 'Grandma.'  They are the people who loved me best. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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