Monday, May 21, 2012

Packed for Camp

I need to keep this short tonight. I'm hoping to sleep a bit.  I'm packed.  Nick is packed.  The only one of us who isn't packed is Mike.  Tomorrow, Nick and I are going to fifth grade camp at Seabeck. 

I'm nervous.  I've packed carefully.  I'm hoping I get into camp mode like I did when we all went to Cub Scout camp at Brinkley.  There I seemed to float through the days with a song in my head and a good feeling from being among the trees.  We're going boating in salt water.  I hope I have room on my iPhone camera for a ton of photos.  Have I ever told you that I love my iPhone?  I'm hoping I'm not so far out of range that I can't communicate with people.  I've been asked by at least three parents to forward a bit of information about how their kid is doing there.  I'm hoping all I'll be doing is sending grainy photos of kids grinning.  That's a pretty good job for me.

Plus, I've looked at the schedule and they've actually planned time into the schedule for writing!  I think I'll love this place.  There will be campfires and skits and hopefully a bunch of songs that we come home singing.  From Camp Brinkley, I'll miss hearing the 'Announcements' song.  Will Seabeck have its own set of songs?  I hope so. 

I'm going to miss Mike. I'll have to sneak off at some point in the day to talk to him.  I'm really not sure if they've set me up for any free time at all.  I'll probably ache to take a good walk with Teddy though I understand we'll be doing at least a little hiking.  And I'll wish at some point in the afternoon that I had my recliner, a blanket, and a cosy kitty or two to snuggle up with.  Buddy is really going to miss me.  Hell, they're all going to miss me.  Today, when I napped, I had Buddy on my lap, Seth by my left hand, and Teddy on the other end of the couch.  It was very cosy, the closest the cats will allow the dog to be. 

I'm nervous about this trip, but I think that there will be enough to do that I won't have time to worry what people think of me.  Now that I'm packed, I can almost feel myself floating into that camping zone.  I worry that I won't get enough sleep.  Apparently, the high school kids spend a lot of time at night working to scare the pants off the fifth-graders.  Will I get too tired and snap at them?  I hope not.  I just want to float along and have a good time, reveling in watching the kids have this experience, trying to add to their wonder.  I'm even going to get to do some watercolors!  Time to write, time in a boat, and watercolors!  All of it out in the woods.  Yeah, I'm ready to go.  Wish me luck with my iPhone reception.  If you don't hear from me until Friday, you'll know I was really in the middle of nowhere. 

Thank you for listening, jb

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