Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The River is Not Running Red, Not Yet

I sat working at my computer all day. When Mike got home, he showed me how rivers had flooded, elk were stranded in belly-deep water, hillsides collapsed, schools were evacuated, buses and trucks were abandoned, towns became islands, roads were closed. I had no clue. I'd been listening to a rock and roll station while I worked. Apparently, they don't do news.

Mike was looking at my Facebook page. Mine!

Yet, I was the one who had no idea what was going on. There was one video of a local bridge that had a huge cedar with its rootball intact that scraped slowly along the bottom side of the bridge. It cleared, but you can tell that the person with the camera ran off to the side before it hit.

The rivers are nearly peaked now. The Snoqualmie river will peak in Carnation at 51,100 cfs. That's cubic feet per second. Usual flows are about 3,700 cfs. Flood stage is 20,000 cfs. At this point, families, school children, horses, cows, and even a zebra have been evacuated. There were offers of more help as I scrolled down the list of local friends who posted.

Occasionally, I hear from people that Facebook is frivolous, that it's a waste of time, that it's about showing an unrealistic self. Still, Facebook has a presence in my community when it comes to getting important information about what is happening. Just today, one friend offered her services and her trailer for helping to evacuate horses. She loves horses. Another friend brought a meal to another friend who had posted that she was seriously ill. There was news from a couple of sources saying that there may be a medical breakthrough with depression. Now, that's important stuff.

I get some of my best information from Facebook. Granted, it may not be totally reliable information, but I know how to look for more details.

Oh, I don't like some of the political crap that appears on Facebook. There is nothing more divisive than posting political opinions there. I try to avoid it, but I couldn't help reposting the news that the Native American Council was considering a partial amnesty to 220 million illegal white immigrants. Oh, that is going to chap some asses. Sorry Facebook friends. You know who you are.

And I can't stand the religious dreck on Facebook either. I'm telling you, people, I might go to church and enjoy a good sermon. I might even sing in the choir for the Christmas services, but I can't stand ninety percent of the religious stuff I am exposed to by some people reposting. I don't mind if you have something to say, but do you have to repost six or eight offensive sites every day?  DO YOU? You know who I'm talking to if I'm talking to you. The rest of you, the ones who post uplifting information, stuff with content and spiritual stuff in it - I don't mind that at all. Keep up the good work.

So, how can you tell the difference?

Here's a formula:

new information * funny information * positive attitude / exclusiveness - the obligation to repost or something bad will happen = a highly rated post

You got that, verse-quoters? I don't need to have you repost it. I've read it and am perfectly capable of reading it again under the correct circumstances. Make it funny and informative, and I just might look it up. If, for example, you had quoted something relevant from Revelations today, something about the Armageddon along with a photo of the river rising, the elk standing helplessly in water up to their flanks, trees crashing into bridges, and collapsing hillsides shoving homes off their foundations, I might be running to read what the Bible says. Just please don't tell me the river is running in blood. That would really freak me out.

Thank you for listening, jb

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