Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Okay, so yesterday, the television chattering all day drove me nuts, especially the commercials. Today, Nick is at a friend's house and it's way too quiet in here. Oh, I could put on some music or an audio book, but I haven't yet. I'm reveling in my loneliness, sulking, as I read posts from black sand beaches in Hawaii and even looking at cheerful photos taken from restaurants on the Oregon coast has me looking like grumpy cat.

I'm still mad about any spring breakers who got on an airplane. Don't come back and tell me how beautiful it was there or where you ate and forget showing off your new tan with that sleeveless white shell. I might smile but I'll be hideous inside.

I could put on a happy face. I'm at home. It's warm out. I could bring out the table and chairs for the back deck. I have too much sulking to do to have any fun.

My bag of tricks for today includes going through boxes shelves and closets to donate stuff. Can you tell I'm procrastinating? It's 12:16 pm. After I get done with that, I get to pack up a couple of bookshelves of books so we can get ready to put new flooring in downstairs. Oh, I really want the new flooring, but I don't want to pack up half of my household and put it into storage to prepare for it. Can't they do all that? Mike says they could, but it will cost a lot more. Well, he doesn't realize it, but it has already cost him to have me do it. First, there's the two year wait for me to get started. Maybe three. And it will cost more before I am done. There's the fact that I will have a curmudgeonly attitude as I work, try as I might to be a cheerful soul. Then, when I finally get into the swing of it, I'll miss a couple of dinner plans. Near the end, I'll lose steam and the whole house will be in an arrested uproar like when the mouse got into the cabinet and I didn't put it back together after I cleaned for an entire month. Yes, my poor Mike, and Nick too, are going to pay.

I'm not doing this on purpose. I just know myself.

I think I'll put on loud music while I work. That might make the whole thing go easier. I'll pretend that I'm at the world's craziest dance party and I'll dance my way through packing those boxes.

Yeah, right.

Thank you for listening, jb

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