Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Blues

I wish I had good news today.

It's noon on a beautiful day. After an appointment with a doctor about his fitness yesterday, Nick has downed a vitamin water and a pack and a half of jerky. No vegetables. He argued with me about two leaves of spinach in his egg this morning and so far, he's made no effort to get off the couch. I'm sad for him. I know I can't make decisions for him. I haven't been able to for a while.

I'm also sad that Nick hasn't seen much of Adrian since school ended. It's as if he's lost a brother. I don't see a reason for it either. Adrian's mom keeps sending messages that he's at home doing chores or laundry. That's a boy who's twelve, staying at home all day by himself on summer days. It makes me sad for him too. Mike and I keep trying to figure it out and coming up with nothing. This week, we've spent time with four of Nick's other friends, practically begging people to go walk, bike, or swim with us. As he was walking into his bedroom last night, Nick told Mike, "I don't have any friends." Sometimes you can't fix things. Sometimes you ache for your children.

I refuse to sit here and listen to the TV any longer. I'm going out to set my bike up for a ride. That will make me feel better. I hope that Nick and Mike get off the couch and join me. I'd rather not go alone. I've been going alone long enough.

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